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Our Story

Five years ago I went in search for not only a puppy, but a pet that could grow with my family and one that could truly live up to the expectation of being ‘man’s best friend’. My three children had begged and pleaded with me for a dog for what felt like years, and I finally buckled and convinced my wife that it was time to start searching.

And so the quest began.

After endless nights of researching, researching and more researching about what breed and gender was right for my family, I concluded that finding the right pet should come more naturally and shouldn’t be something you study purely online. So a few weeks later, my wife and youngest daughter accompanied me to visit an animal shelter.

And that is when we locked eyes on Daisy.

In this very moment I knew that this little Bichon Poodle would make a huge impact on our family but I couldn’t imagine the happiness and joy she would bring to us for years to come. My bond with Daisy was instant and since that day has only ever strengthened and grown.

Fast-forward five years, Daisy became the inspiration for Petbar. After half a decade of loving and caring for my little pooch, I found gap in the market for pet lovers to communicate and share monumental, or even the simpler moments, in their pet’s daily lives. A network where pet businesses, from eateries, beaches, accommodation and groomers, could flourish and grow, and communicate their services with pet owners. And lastly, a network where all animal lovers, who own conventional dogs and cats to the more outrageous iguana’s and mice, can feel supported in an environment that truly loves and encourages all things pets!

This social hub connects individuals and their pets across the globe, because we all share one passion in common, which is unconditional love for our animals. Who we also like to call family.

Daisy was what provoked and ignited this idea, and my family have supported me throughout building this project, in addition to my team who have helped turn my idea into a reality. And thus, Petbar was born. Helping us connect the world, one pet at a time.

Welcome to Petbar. A truly unique and innovative network, changing the world of pets as we know it.

Adrian Lo Giudice.
Founder and CEO.

Mission Statement

Petbar is a platform and social media hub for pet owners from around the world to communicate, share and engage with other users and their content.

Our promise to you is to create a network where you feel supported and encouraged every step of the way, from the moment you register on our app to your very first post.

Petbar allows you to connect with registered pet businesses, upload content of your very own beloved pet, engage with other users or simply get your dose of daily cuteness.

In this era of modern technological advancement, with so many apps creating a network for you to upload your own content, Petbar stands out because it is explicit to all things animals.

Petbar encourages you to build an individual network for your pet, because we understand the important role they uphold in your family.

Our mission is to connect the world one pet at a time.
And our goal is to encourage and support you in the process of creatively doing so.

We hope you enjoy Petbar just as much as we enjoyed building it for you.

Adrian Lo Giudice.
Founder and CEO.